Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was filled with family fun.  As a full-time working mommy, I treasure weekend time with Jonathan & Peyton.  Jonathan & I have always been the type that love hanging out with friends all weekend, but as Peyton has come along, I can tell I soak up the minutes with him (although, I do love spending time with friends...I hope you understand &/or can relate). 
Saturday, we took a road trip to Iron Station, North Carolina to celebrate Noah's Sexton's 2nd birthday! It was sooooo much fun to see Beth, Jeremy, Noah, & Eliza! We could not get a picture of Noah & Peyton together (they were too busy playing!!!), so Beth & I snapped a photo.
Easter Sunday is the biggest Sunday on the Christian calendar (along with Christmas Eve service). Being married to a pastor, I think I was more nervous for Jonathan's 2nd Easter Sunday.  I wanted to make sure we were early to bed, ironed our new Sunday clothes, prepared a special breakfast, & prayed God would prepare Jonathan's heart & mind.  It was phenomenal! Our choir cantata was unbelievable & I was proud of Jonathan's sermon, believing God was truly present in the sanctuary.  A few shots of our family -
We are in front of the Living Cross at Royston Baptist: 
Peyton is more interested in the motorcycle!
After church, we enjoyed eating Easter lunch with the Brister Bunch - Aaron, Billie Jean, Eden, Lily, & Isaiah.  We all have a blast with our friends & thankful for them!
Peyton, Eden, Isaiah, & Lily
On Friday, it was cold & windy.  It made me stop & think of Jesus' sacrifice.  The sun shone brightly on Sunday morning, reminding me of the risen Lord.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I hope you were able to step back & remember the reason for celebrating the Easter holiday.

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