Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anticipating Easter!

Holidays become more & more fun with children, especially as they begin to understand the purpose.  Last year, Peyton did not understand the holidays, but Jonathan & I loved celebrating with him.  This year, he is beginning to communicate & understand.  This Sunday, our church had an Easter Egg Hunt.  Peyton LOVES being outside, & he is a TRUE boy - getting dirty, running with Derby, & crying when we have to go inside.  Therefore, I knew he'd love running outside to find eggs.  The pictures say it all -
The Barlow Bunch anticipating the hunt!

Showing Peyton what to do during an Easter Egg Hunt

Peyton understands the game now!

Look at him go!

We had the best time & Peyton WON sidewalk chalk (one of his favorite outside toys)! We look forward to celebrating Easter Sunday on April 8th.

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