Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Quiet Night...

Jonathan is in Kentucky, scouting out a summer mission trip; Peyton is in bed; we are not watching television for Lent; I am enjoying a rare quiet night in my home.
There are a million things I could be doing...I have been sick all weekend, therefore, my to-do list did not get completed.   I finally caught Jonathan & Peyton's nasty virus which had me in bed all weekend & miss a day of school.  Thankfully, I am on the mend.  Due to not being able to read (a horrible headache) & not watching TV (Lent), I had hours to think & pray.  I love reading my friends (& blog acquaintances that I feel are my friends...haha) "Things They Love" blogs.  Well, I have a LONG list of things I'm thankful for (& for your sake will not mention them all), but here are a few -
1. As hard as it is working full-time, I LOVE my Kindergarteners!!! I never knew I'd love this age group so much! I love tying their shoes, making letters & sounds, reminding them NOT to tattle-tell, creating "their" spelling to words in journals, etc. I love my co-workers & school.  God is good to have placed me in such a good place.
Peyton (orange shirt) in the mob with my Kindergartners 
 2. I love our dog, Derby.  I know there are thousands of other things to be thankful for, but on nights I am alone, I appreciate him even more.  I truly feel safer with Derby guarding the door (although - if you knew my dog, he'd probably wag his tail at alone who tried to break-in)
Derby Barlow 
3. I am so grateful for this book, Jesus Calling  by Sarah Young.  My Sister-In-Law gave it to me for Christmas & I have loved it.  I read it while drying my hair in the mornings (it's hard to find quiet time in my house) & many mornings I have left for work feeling uplifted.  Thank you, Amanda! 

4. I truly am thankful for my friends in Royston, Georgia (I am thankful for ALL my friends - in KY, CA, OH, Atlanta) but this weekend, especially thankful for the wonderful, godly ladies I've met in Royston.  I was worried I'd move to a small town & have no one (let's face it - it's hard making friends as adults).  Thank you for opening your homes & hearts to me.

5. Of course, I am soooo thankful for my boys - Jonathan, Peyton, & Nolan on the way.  I already remind Peyton that,  "...he has to be patient with Mama because I take a much longer time getting ready than he..." He nods, laughs, & runs away.  As you mama's & wives know, there is no one more special in your world that your family.  
Peyton & Papa celebrating! (Peyton's 1st Birthday Party) 
Take a minute & think of what you are thankful for this first day of Spring.  Now, I hope this blog doesn't leave you sick up in bed, but do spend time pondering God's goodness in your life.
Blessings & Much Love!

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  1. I read 'Jesus Calling' while drying my hair too! I love reading your blog and catching up on what's going on with your sweet family!