Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Boy On The Way!!!

We are almost 1/2 way there - 20 weeks on Friday!  There are many days that I forget I am pregnant! It is true...with your second baby, things are very different.  While pregnant with Peyton, I was extremely sick first trimester, horrible back pain second trimester, gestational diabetes, throwing up... the list could go on in the third trimester.  I worried about everything & had a long list of questions for every doctor's appointments in my little green book.  I gave up caffeine, took the Rx pre-natal vitamins (who knew the over the counter has the same ingredients), did not touch seafood, etc.  The nursery was planned months in advance (although we had no clue where we'd be living).
With baby two, I've felt great with only mild nausea, forgotten to ask questions at the doctor's office, relaxed on the caffeine (no worries...I'm not overdoing it!), given up sweets & on different Rx in hopes I can avoid the diabetes, & only begun brainstorming his nursery.  So, I have to remind myself our second sweet boy is arriving August 3rd!
Have we told you the name?  YES - Jonathan & I have come to agreement on the name!
Nolan Crosby Barlow
Nolan - a name we love (& for Jonathan it is after Nolan Ryan)
Crosby - a Barlow family name 

Our family will be growing in August...I continue to be amazed with God's goodness.  I pray we will be the best possible parents to both Peyton & Nolan. 

Most recent family photo with Nolan on the way! 

One of my favorite family photos pre-Nolan 

We will have our hands full with two Barlow boys! 
Note - I do not take Baby Bump pictures...not really my thing... 

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  1. Congrats Jonathan and Susan! So excited for you and your new little love:) Interesting to hear how different this pregnancy has already been for you. It's great that you're feeling so good! Especially since you have Peyton to chase around. I look forward to reading more updates!