Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Day!

Rewind to Thanksgiving...yes, all my Christmas decor is up (minus the tree, which we're getting this weekend!!!).  
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - lots of family time, lots of my favorite home-cooked casseroles, & lots of play time with the babies.  Thanksgiving was spent in Kentucky with my family - parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, lab puppy, & precious nephew.  Our big family event was running the 2011 Thoroughbred Classic on Thanksgiving morning.  It is my FAVORITE run all year - the prettiest scenery of any race, time to reflect on things I'm thankful for throughout the year, & running with my family.  (See pictures below - Mom & Jonathan both placed 3rd in their age division!) 
Highlights of the week - Mom getting up with me at 5:30am on Black Friday to go to Big Lots (haha), Peyton showing off his dance moves during the football halftime show, Strawberry Pretzel Salad & Pumpkin cookies (my favorite!), sharing how we've been blessed in 2011 during our Thanksgiving dinner, seeing my college roommates, Sarah & Shannon, & Codye & her adorable babies...a wonderful week.  Now, you may understand why I cried going to work Monday.
Peyton & Carter excited to go to park! 

Thanksgiving Photos! (Pre-turkey)

Lots of Love in this picture! 

Our Winners!!! Mom & JB both won 3rd place!

Visit with Codye, Campbell, & Barrett 

Grandmama with happy grandsons!

Grandaddy & boys

Look at the matching pjs! 
We will be with Jonathan's family for Christmas, so we exchanged gifts on Friday night.  Mom got the boys matching adorable! I hope you felt blessed this Thanksgiving.
May God bless you as we approach Christmas.  May we prepare for the Advent season with our minds & hearts. Much Love - Susan

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