Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Days Until Christmas!!!

I am thrilled that their are six days until Christmas! Who doesn't love this holiday? The Barlow Bunch is busy - preparing for a staff brunch, preparing for a widow's drop-in, finishing last minute gifts, visiting with Grandmama (who's here helping get ready for the brunches)... I could go on ....

Can you relate? Have you thought about others this holiday season? (not including your family members) Have you thought of those children who do not have water? food? homes?

Jonathan has challenged our church congregation to do more.  Weekly, we have watched videos on the Advent Conspiracy - Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, & Love All. It's idea - focus on Jesus, buy one less gift, give more to family & friends, & to love those less fortunate. Please check it out -


Can we take the Advent Conspiracy challenge together?  We DO still have 6 more days!!! 

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