Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snipits of our Week!

Wow - where has this week gone? We got back into our routine - with last week off from snow.  I had to get used to making my lunch at night, setting my alarm, & kissing Peyton good-bye as I head to work. A few highlights -
1. I LOVE to read, so when I have 30 minutes to curl up & read in a day...I am a happy woman.  This week, I finished the book, Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  It is the story of Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman's life journey - family, fame, adoption, & losing their 5 year old daughter. I shed many tears & I would highly recommend it.  Mary Beth also has a blog - which is fabulous! It is -
2. At church we began our new Bible Study, David, Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore.  It is the updated version of A Heart Like His. I have completed this study with my mother & sisters, but am motivated to do it again.  My prayer - learn new insights from God, make new connections, & meet new friends while doing this study. The link for Beth Moore's blog:
3. This weekend we had WONDERFUL friends from Atlanta come visit.  I forgot to take pictures of Peyton with our friends, so here are some old snapshots -
Our Best Friends: Drew & Lindsay

Our Best Friends: Chuck & Lauren! (Peyton in womb!)

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  1. I enjoyed every second I was with you all last weekend! Thank you so much for letting me come! I'm so glad, Peyton, you and I went home together after Mary Katherine's ballgame. Susan and Jonathan, I enjoyed our meals together and worshipping together. Our shopping trip was fun, too! :) Have a good, happy week coming up! Love you all! m/mf/gm