Friday, February 4, 2011

Change Is Inevitable!

God is good! I continue to see evidence of God in our home, church, & work places.  We continue to have change in the Barlow household.  I began another part-time job at Carnesville Elementary working with the after-school program.  It was hard to begin this week - leaving Peyton for more work, but it is temporary.  I am thankful for a second opportunity to work at the school. 
Peyton is growing...FAST! It seems I blink & he's learning something new!  A child truly brings so much joy!  Jonathan & I love being new parents - as it's not easy, but so much fun! Our little boy -

Peyton beginning to eat cereal!    

Peyton 5 Months old Feb. 1st!

May you see the goodness of God this weekend.  We are headed to Destin, FL to relax & rest with Papa Rusty & Nana while cheering on the Packers...or the Steelers (Anna & Mark!)!


  1. What a cutie! So, how large is that sweater?

  2. Thanks for sharing your lives with us! Peyton is PRECIOUS!