Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days!

Having Fun in the Snow!
In Georgia, it is a BIG deal when we get snow (Unlike in KY - growing up snow days were pretty normal through the months of Dec - Feb)! Yesterday at church, congregants offered us firewood, discussed our "plan" if the power goes out, & reminded us to go to the store for any last minute groceries! School was called off BEFORE the snow even came....haha! But, the snow did arrive & we've had fun playing all afternoon.
As we woke up, my south Mississippi husband made a list of "Snow Day To-Do": build a snowman, make snow cream, create snow angels, & invite friends over to play.  Our friends, Shellei & Blake Adams came over to help build a snowman (we didn't make much progress), eat chili, & just enjoy a Monday off from work.  Our wonderful babysitter, Mary Catherine also came over to play with Peyton! What fun! Here are pictures from the winter, white day:
Peyton loved the snow! 

Mary Catherine & Peyton   
Peyton 4 months old: January 1st
I couldn't resist Peyton's 4 month picture - our little boy growing up so fast! This week, Peyton began teething, rolling over (from one end of the den to the other), & sleeping through the night (YEAH!)!!! As Jonathan ends phone conversations, "Be well..."


  1. Peyton looks so cute in his snow suit!

  2. What fun! You all look great! Love Peyton in his snow suit! Playing as a family is so fun - glad you had a chance to do that! God is good to give us surprise times for fun.
    We love you all so much!