Sunday, January 2, 2011

A White Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas - quiet in Royston & fun-filled family time in Kentucky! Jonathan did a wonderful job leading his first Christmas Eve Service at our church.  We are trying to make NEW traditions (combined with some old Fraley & Barlow traditions) as a Barlow family - looking at lights on Christmas Eve, cooking a turkey dinner for Christmas Eve (leftovers on Christmas Day), JB making pancakes Christmas morning, watching movies & making a fire in our beautiful fireplace.  Here is Peyton (& Derby - who jumped into the picture Christmas morning) -
Peyton & Derby Christmas Morning 

It began to SNOW on Christmas day in Royston (unusual for GA)! Church was canceled for Sunday, so we drove through the night to KY.  JB drank lots of coffee, went 30mph through the Jelico mountain, & got us safely to my parents! Pictures of our trip to KY -
Anna, Nancy (& Carter), Peyton, Me, & Mom 
Lunch at The Glitz in Nonsuch, KY - A MUST for KY Gals! 
Shower for Baby McCann & Baby Downing!!!
The Fraley's, Boatman's, Yuhas', & Barlow's
Our tree is outside for the trash, our decorations are in totes, & my list for Christmas clearance items is made for next years holiday decor.  My favorite time of year is Christmas and I am sad it is over.

May God bless you and your family this new year.  Happy 2011!


  1. We did have a great time! Thank you for traveling all those miles to come to KY making it a memorable Christmas for us all!
    We love you all 4!

  2. Love the Christmas update! I think the picture of Peyton and Derby on Christmas morning is priceless. What a great memory of the year and the many HAPPY changes the Barlow family has experienced. The Fraley, Boatman, Yuhas and Barlow picture makes me smile - all the girls married and expecting grandbaby #2. God is good :) Thanks for sharing