Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sooo Many Visitors...Too Little Time!

We have had a houseful of visitors this month...& we have felt sooo loved! We had my parents come for a long weekend, one of my best friends - Desiree & son Luke come over my fall break, my in-laws visit, & another best friend & children here from NC!  We have made many memories - Friday night bowling, trips to Athens, Saturday mornings at the park, & late night talks.  Each time our family & friends left, I truly felt it wasn't long enough - I needed one more memory, one more meal shared, one more night spent together.  I truly feel loved & my happiest when our home is full!
Desiree & I met Summer 2006 & became instant friends!  We were both interns at LaJolla Presbyterian in LaJolla, California!  We have shared in one another college graduations, weddings, moves, job changes, pregnancies...the list could go on.  Having a friend on the other side of the country is work, but we both put in the effort, we both care, & we both are fulfilled after spending time together! What a blessing!
Here are a few pictures -
This is about the best photo we could get with three boys three-under!!!
(& Peyton wanted to stand by the sticks! :) )
Peyton & Luke loving bowling!

Nana & Papa Rusty visting! 
I cannot forget to mention the major FIRSTS in the Barlow household during the past month & that were very monumental in this Mama's eyes -
1. Nolan's first haircut!!! Yes - my children are born bald & do not get hair until at least Nolan had his first cut at 18 months!
Nolan's first haircut! 
Nolan posing for a picture! 
2. Peyton's first trip to the dentist!  I was a nervous wreck!  We have a very strong-willed first child, & I was picturing Peyton screaming & running out of the dentist before he got his teeth cleaned (which is one reason I didn't go at age 2 - I felt he needed to be a bit more mature!).  He did AWESOME - thanks to our hygienist & friend - Kelly!!! If you live near me & need someone to clean your teeth - ask me about Kelly!  She calmed all of Peyton's fears, explained all procedures, & made it fun!  (Whew...I survived too!)
Peyton's first dental appointment 
I hope you have had a wonderful month & enjoyed each moment - the big ones & the small ones!  May God fill our days with family & friends who we can show love & feel it in return!

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