Friday, February 14, 2014

A Week of Snow & Love!

What a week!  It started off normal - all to work & the sitter, but by Tuesday morning we were stuck in our home with ice & snow.  Jonathan & Peyton hurried off to get wood from a church member (Peyton had planned to "cut" it with his sword :) ), while Nolan & I found flashlights & all the candles in our home.  As the snow continued to fall, we waited for our power to go off.  Instead, we've had heat the entire week.
As a working mama of two small boys, I have such a hard time leaving them during the week, therefore, this week has been such a blessing!  We've played in the snow, watched movies, made Valentine's, had many races with Peyton's cars, & Jonathan & I began P90X3 (whew - I'm sore!).  It has been such a gift of time.  Here are my munchkins playing -
Nolan checking out the snow 
Peyton won't stand still for a picture! 
It is a rare opportunity to get to slow down & just BE.  I always have appointments, trips scheduled, & my long to-do list to accomplish during our planned break.  Our family of 5 (yes - including Derby) have gotten to BE this week.
Our Bunch (even Derby) & Olaf (from Frozen)
God has blessed us with "family" in the Royston area.  The Burrells have become our family - loving on our boys, helping us with home projects, baby-sitting so Jonathan & I can still have date nights...the list could go on!  We even got to make memories with them in the snow -
With some of our favorite people - Lisa & Mary Catherine 
Mary Catherine & "Little Man" 

I couldn't be more in love with my boys!  I get asked a lot - don't you want a girl?  I look at them & always say, "God has spoiled me with these boys & I couldn't be happier!"  My boys love on me, tell me I'm "pretty" when I wear skirts (true story!!), admire my jewelry, & just spoil me!  They are truly the love of my life.  Happy Valentine's to you & your loves!
Date Night with my love!
Happy Valentine's Day! (Yes- Nolan has a HUGE bruise!) 

O Lord, open my lips, that my mouth may declare Your praise ... Psalm 51:15.

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