Sunday, April 13, 2014

Motherhood - a little of this & that...

I know all you mothers & fathers feel like me - running ragged from one event to the next, tired from lack of sleep, & just trying to balance & maintain your role as spouse, parent, & career (or stay-at-home role)!  I have been disappointed in my myself - neglecting to take the time to write - one of my favorite things.  I hope one day I can put these blog posts in a book for my boys - an online journal for them. 
The boys are growing - Peyton asked last week, "Mama - does the Easter bunny come down the chimney like Santa?"  :)  He also remembers the true meaning of Easter - that Jesus died on the cross (but it is very hard for a 3-year old to learn of baby Jesus at Christmas & adult Jesus dying just a few months later...a concept to discuss when he's older).  Nolan is finally saying more than, "Mama, Papa, & ball"! Nolan now wants to mirror his big brother - he even tries to "pee-pee" in the potty like him! Ha! 
My policeman & firefighter 
I made my first solo trip to Kentucky with both boys for our spring break.  Whew - let's just say we all survived - unhealthy snacks, lots of movies, & even a few spankings...not one of my proudest moments as a mama.  But, we loved spending time with our new cousins - Laney & Luke! 
Luke (in my arms), Nancy & Laney 
We missed Carter's birthday party, but celebrated his third birthday by going to the Lexington Children's Museum.  The boys had a blast! 
Nolan pretending to eat!
Our cowboy, Peyton 
Nolan LOVED the babies! 
We made it home safely to Papa (the trip home was much easier)!  We are loving this spring weather & preparing our hearts for Easter Sunday.  I am home today, a Sunday morning, with one sick little boy.  As he sleeps, I have had time to thank God for his sacrifice - loving us unconditionally.  In our weak moments as parents, I hope we all can remember our great God who loves us & cares for us!  Happy Easter!

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