Monday, November 11, 2013

All Treats...No Tricks!

Where has the time gone? Jonathan's birthday, Thanksgiving, & Christmas are all quickly approaching (& I'm not ready for any of them)!  Every holiday becomes more & more FUN with the boys.  Peyton wanted to be Spiderman or a Pirate for Halloween.  I found a pirate costume on clearance, so that was decided (& Nolan's was on sale too)!  The boys loved seeing the costumes, the neighbors, & the candy!
Halloween 2013
Matey Peyton does NOT liking posing for pictures - it makes me so mad (& I think he knows it)!  He has a beautiful smile & I can rarely capture it.  The picture below is the best I could do.

My pirates! 

This past weekend, we went to Savannah for the Rock-N-Roll marathon!  Jonathan has been training for MONTHS for this marathon.  My mom & Aunt Sally decided a few weeks ago to join him & run the half.  My Dad was my life-saver - taking the runners to the shuttle at 4:45am, helping me transport the boys downtown, watching Nolan while Peyton & I cheered on Aunt Sally, Grandmama, & Papa. WOW - they ALL did awesome.  I hope when I'm retired, I still am running marathons.  We couldn't have asked for better weather & fun memories! 
The runners & their supporters! 
I'm so proud of my husband! 3:13!!! 
Happy Fall!

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