Saturday, October 26, 2013

On the Road to Recovery

We survived - Peyton's full-body cast is OFF!  Again, it has taken me some time to write about it, because we have had a tough two weeks.
One - I would NEVER want a parent to go through what we had too with taking the cast off - a spinning saw, a wide-awake 3-year old, a screaming child...I could go on.  Two -  we had to begin potty-training again, had to encourage/teach Peyton to walk again, & hope that Peyton would eat to gain some weight (he lost a lot of weight the past 6 weeks).  Last weekend, I was in tears - discouraged with the potty accidents (after making soooo much progress in August) & his fear of trying to walk.  I wondered if life would ever get back to normal!  Finally, on Tuesday (almost 2 weeks post-cast), Peyton wanted to really try to walk!!!  I had tears in my eyes, but this time - tears of JOY!

Our first post-cast Fall event! 
Peyton's cast is off! 
Celebrating our LAST orthopedic cast check-up
This past weekend, Royston Baptist girls group, Mom, & I went to the Women of Faith conference.  It was the FIRST time Jonathan had both boys overnight (they had a blast)!  It was an uplifting weekend full of phenomenal speakers & music.  I needed it & have returned refreshed.  

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