Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Stress-Reliever & ME-TIME!

What do you do to have "me-time"?  I'm learning as a mama, you do not get much time alone (not even in the bathroom!!!).  You have the needs of your children & husband, always a meal to prepare, toys to pick up, a dog that must be fed, a meeting to attend, cleaning to do...the list could go on.  As I was a brand-new mama, advice was given to make sure & make "me-time."  So - I've continued to run.  I love to run - it's my time to pray, time with friends, time to organzine my daily activities, time for ME.

Moving to Royston, I prayed & prayed for a running buddy, God blessed me with Billie Jean.  She asked me to run at 6:00am - I'm a morning person, but I was worried I couldn't do it.  Then, when I began to work, we moved it to 5:30am, then 5:00am.  I loved my time with her, but our season of running has ended.  Billie Jean & her family moved home to Arkansas.  I cried & cried - missing her friendship & the blessing she had been to me, encouraging me to take time for myself.  So - I prayed & prayed again, & God has blessed me AGAIN with more crazy mama's who wake up to run with me  at 5:00am - Kelly & the RES teachers.  I am blessed beyond measure by these women - who run alongside me, who hear my worries of the day, who support & challenge me to give 110%!

This weekend, I ran a 15K!   Kelly & I got a crazy idea two weeks ago we could run a 15K (9.3 miles).  (We only run 3 miles during the week & occasionally I run 4-6 miles on the weekends.)  We did it!  Kelly pushed me to go faster & finish the extremely hilly race!!! I have run a lot of races, but this is one I am so proud we accomplished with little training!!!
Kelly & me - After the race!!! 
My sweet family cheering me on!!! 
Peyton & Isaiah Brister (Billie Jean's son) - I can't find pics with BJ!
I challenge you to find "me time" - find a "running" partner, take time away for yourself - I promise it makes such a difference! Thank you to the wonderful ladies who encourage me to take time for myself!

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