Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Days in Destin!

To kick off my summer break, Auntie Anna came for a visit! We had a much-needed, relaxing visit!  We took the boys to the park, ran every morning, ate at our favorite local restaurant, & she even helped us move Peyton into his BIG BOY BED! (unfortunately - I can't find the sweet pictures with Auntie Anna on the computer).  Here's a cute one while getting clean -

Here we are having fun in the tub! 
 On May 26th, Jonathan & I celebrated six years of marriage, Auntie Anna went home, & we traveled to Destin, FL to enjoy time with Nana & Papa Rusty Barlow & the beach.  We loved - jumping the waves in the ocean, swimming in the pool, eating delicious seafood, shopping at the outlets, watching sunsets, long walks on the beach, & most importantly spending time with family.  I told Jonathan, I couldn't be more happy than with my boys AND being at the beach!!!  The pictures can say more -

Peyton loving the backyard water table 
A quick visit with Aunt Amanda & Hayes
Harbor Walk 
Peyton & Papa Rusty loving the boats! 
Our TEN month old with Nana & Papa
Celebrating six years of marriage! 
Peyton LOVING the ocean! 
Nolan wasn't so sure about the cold water!  He loved being held! 
Loving time with Nana & Papa Rusty! 
It was a much-needed vacation for ALL of us.  We loved every minute of it, sad to return, but so thankful for the time away.  

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  1. So glad u all had time away and so much fun!!! I forgot to say happy 10onths birthday to Nolan!! HAPPY 10 MONTHS NOLAN!!
    Glad u got to spend time with the Barlows!