Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hard moments as a Mama & My Mother's Day

Mothering can be hard at times - 2-year old tantrums, middle of the night feedings, potty-trained pee-pee accidents, dinners where we all end in tears due to our 2-year old not eating, our 9-month old up at all hours due to teething...the list can continue...can't it? And, I have only begun mothering...

Then, there are moments that make is ALL worth it - hugs & kisses, moments where Peyton says a new word, Nolan's toothy grin, moments Jonathan & I get to see their firsts, bath time, waking up to hair sticking in all directions, laughter, excitement of watching Mickey Mouse...I could continue... doesn't your list go on & on...

This past Sunday was a special Mother's Day for me, as I am sure it was for most of you.  Jonathan & the boys painted a beautiful picture for me (that might stay hung until next year), got my favorite breakfast at McDonald's, cooked vegetables for lunch, & allowed me to take a long afternoon nap! It was a day I was reminded the JOY of motherhood & the BLESSINGS of motherhood.

My Mother's Day! 
Here are a few pictures of Nolan's 9 month pictures (that I never posted)!
Nolan 9 months April 30, 2013 

Nolan looking out the window! 

And pulling his curtains! 

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