Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday Blessings & Papa's Day!

Today is a HUGE celebration in the Barlow 31st birthday & Papa's Day! As I woke up very early to Nolan's cries, Peyton's fast feet running down the hall, & to my husband being the first to say, "Happy Birthday," my heart was so full of happiness & fulfillment.  

I try to be transparent in this blog, so I hope you know that we do not live a perfect life - we struggle with parenting, finances, jobs, weight/health, temper tantrums, family living hours away...but, this morning I feel my life is close to - how I am blessed.  My husband is a wonderful father - he gives 110% everyday.  Jonathan gets the boys ready every morning & takes them to the sitter.  If we are honest, Jonathan is the disciplinarian in this household.   He plays ball with the boys, changes dirty diapers, cooks for us (on Thursdays!), reads to them, bathes them (although he doesn't love it), & models the example of a Christian man.  I am grateful to Jonathan for my boys, my blessings.  What a wonderful gift it is to share this day with him.  Thank you, Jonathan, for living life with me!
Jonathan & Nolan preparing to leave the hospital  August 2012
Nolan's first Sunday to church  September 2012 
Halloween 2012 - Carving a pumpkin with Peyton 
Jonathan's 30th birthday  November 2012 
Nolan & Papa  Easter 2013 
Peyton's first baseball game, Papa's Father's Day gift June 2013 
Father's Day & My 31st Birthday!   6-16-13
Isn't life good?  Thank you, God for family, friends, & celebrations!

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