Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goose is 6 months old!!!

I can't believe our "Goose" is six months old! Where has the time gone? (I always rolled my eyes when my mother said this growing up, but it's true!) He has a tooth, he is sitting up (for about 30 seconds), he laughs (especially at Jonathan & Peyton), he still is not a good sleeper (& wearing his parents out), he finally likes baths, & he is so HAPPY all the time (except when he's starving).
I think Peyton has begun to love Nolan - he tells me "Quiet Mama, Nolan sleeping," or looks at me extremely worried & says, "Mama - Nolan crying!" I can walk them in the double stroller, & Peyton seems to enjoy Nolan's company.  Recently, I've seen him HUG his brother.  What a blessing! (Peyton had an adjustment period...especially when I went back to work in November!) What joy!
Here are some highlights -
Nolan's newborn picture  from Sara Wise photography - amazing!

Nolan (2 weeks) Sara Wise Photography 
Nolan : One Month old 
Nolan's dedication: One month old 
Nolan picking pumpkins: 3 months 
Eating cereal for the 1st time! Dec. 2012 
We loved our baby boy!

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  1. He looks like such a sweet, easy going guy! Miss you guys, love the posts so I can stay updated on your family!!