Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa Claus is Comin' to Kentucky (part 2)

Have you packed up Christmas? We spent all day Saturday taking down our tree, our outside lights & garland, all my Christmas china, & much more.  I am always sad to say good-bye to Christmas - the sermons at church, the music, the parties, the goodies, the shopping, the decorations.  Reality starts again for me tomorrow - back to work & both boys to the sitter.  I love my work place, but I dread the schedule & being away from my boys.  Thankfully, I have many happy memories of my break.
Christmas Part-Two! We spent our second week of Christmas vacation in Kentucky celebrating with my family.  It was filled with snow, present opening, Christmas dinner, our annual girls-outing & shopping, meeting my girlfriends (& all the 9 kids!!!), cheering on the UK Wildcats, & ending with a taking Jonathan to Cincinnati, OH for his 30th birthday present.  The only hiccup - Peyton went to KY sick & Nolan left KY sick (& has had a rough week getting over his upper respiratory infection).  We made many, many wonderful memories.  Here are a few pictures -
We spent the first morning opening gifts at Grandmama's & Grandaddy's house -
Grandmama helping Peyton & Carter open presents 

It SNOWED! For my Southern Mississippi bred husband & my Georgia-born boy, they were thrilled (for about 10 minutes)! I took a couple pictures & they played in the cold!
Peyton & Papa playing in the snow 
Nancy & Phil hosted our Christmas dinner in their beautiful home.  We had it all - turkey, ham, dressing, all the sides, & delicious cakes for dessert.  As we ate, we discussed our favorite present this Christmas.  I sat their thinking, "Aren't we so blessed?"
Aunt Nancy, Cousin Carter, & the Barlows 
Auntie Anna loving on the boys 
Grandparent love! 
 We saw snow AGAIN - Carter loved it, Peyton did not! He kept saying. "I'm freezing!" My college girlfriends & I spent a day together. with ALL of our children.  My how our group has grown from our college days - we all have husbands & children.  The kids had so much fun playing & we caught up as much as we could.

Grandaddy, Jonathan, & Peyton 
Our get-together - Sarah & Ella, Megan & Brooks, Me, Peyton, & Emelyn (Summer's daughter), Summers & Nolan, Ashley & Olivia Britton, Codye, Campbell, & Barrett!!! Thanks to Codye for hosting!

Girlfriend Get-together 
Merry Christmas & Happy 2013! Much love to you & yours!

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  1. Dad and I loved every second of being together with everyone! What fun, good food, fun times and huge blessings! I'm excited about all the possibilities for 2013!