Thursday, September 6, 2012

Parties & Dedications

It's moments like this past weekend that remind me how wonderful it is to be a mama, how good life can be, & how family & friends love my boys.  We had a memorable, fun, & exhausting weekend celebrating Peyton's birthday & Nolan's dedication. 
We had 13 (plus a girlfriend) family members & friends travel from NC, MS, KY, & FL to celebrate the weekend.  We had tons of great food - bar-b-q, cupcakes, pizza, dirt cake, homemade mystery filling cake (my mom's specialty)...& the list could go on.  We had tons of fun playing with all of Peyton's new toys & tears of joy as Nolan was dedicated.  Our boys bring us so much JOY!
Here are some highlights -
1. Waking up on Saturday morning as a family of FOUR watching Peyton play with his new toys.  He is in his new 2T pj's playing outside (at 7:30am...haha) with his new sandbox.
Peyton's New Birthday Present!!!


 2. Peyton's 2nd Cars & Construction party was a huge success! We had cupcakes, rocky road ice cream (& vanilla), dirt cake, & drinks for dessert.  I also had M&Ms in dump trucks on the tables.  It made the preparation such much easier only providing dessert & not an entire meal... a good thing for a mama with a newborn.
Car Race during the party
3.We had different "work shifts" at the party - car racing, sidewalk chalk, the Little Digger sandbox, & making your own construction hat.  Here is a picture of Peyton with his hat -
Peyton wearing his construction hat made at the party!
4.We had delicious cupcakes & homemade icing made by my sister, Nancy! YUMMY! Peyton loved being the center of attention! :) 
Singing Happy Birthday!
5. On Sunday morning, retired minister Hugh Kirby dedicated Nolan Crosby Barlow.  Due to Jonathan being senior pastor, he does not want to dedicate his own children.  It was a special moment that included Nolan's grandparents.  Due to Nolan's eventful beginning of life, this dedication was extremely special for me.  It truly takes village to help raise a child in a Christ-centered home, church, & community. 
Dedication service at Royston Baptist Church (with our parents)
6. Our luncheon after church was special with all our family gathered in our home to celebrate Nolan's life & dedication to God.  I was blessed by all the love we received this weekend!
Family Picture after church on Sunday!
On Monday, we washed sheets & towels, took long naps, & watched a movie! We were exhausted, but filled with so many happy memories!

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