Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Beach Getaway!

Last Saturday, I looked at Jonathan & asked, "Is it worth it for the boys & me to go to the beach?"  I had packed what felt like our entire house - clothes, swimsuits, beach toys, food for Peyton, bottles, my pump, the nap nanny for get the picture.  We were going with Jonathan to St. Simons Island, Georgia for a preaching conference.  Jonathan would be gone most of the trip in meetings, break-out sessions, a golf outing, & a worship service.  The boys & I were on our own. Jonathan answered, "Yes," so we were on our way with our car packed!!!
The weather was perfect, the boys were well-behaved, the hotel room was spacious, & Jonathan surprised me with an extra night!!! We loved it all! I even got TWO HOURS  alone on the beach! (The boys & Jonathan all took two-hour naps...boy, they behave for him!) We got to see friends from seminary, Jonathan's peer learning group, & even make new connections that hopefully will be lasting friendships. Here are a few highlights - 
The boys & I met seminary friends, Gigi, Lydia, & Susanna at the Pier Playground.  Peyton had a blast!

Lydia Naeve & Peyton sharing a snack!
We stayed at The King & Prince Resort, & they have the PERFECT kiddie pool! I was able to play with Peyton & watch Nolan all alone! Whew - I was exhausted after a day out & about with both boys.
Peyton loving the pool!
Nolan's first pool experience!
 Being the wonderful husband he is (& recognizing my love language of quality time), Jonathan spent some time with us Monday evening.  We got ice cream, walked to the pier, & enjoyed time as a family.  We didn't plan it, but got to see the beautiful sunset!

Enjoying the sunset on the pier
I love the beach, but I LOVE, LOVE the beach in September - warm enough to tan, cool enough not to sweat, open beaches, short restaurant lines, etc.  It's wonderful!!! Yes - the trip was worth it (& I still am finishing the laundry from it!)

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