Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our June has been full of celebrations!  We have been able to celebrate two weddings. The first was for our dear friends Drew & Lindsay.  I am proud to say that we set them up on a blind date & it worked! Drew & Lindsay are the only couple I have set up on a blind date (I went on a few bad blind dates, so I've always been hesitant!)  We were honored to be a part of their special day & celebrate with them! Highlights of the wedding - worshipping with Drew & Lindsay, listening to their toasts during the rehearsal dinner, a mini-Atlanta reunion, surviving leaving Peyton over-night for the first time (Thank you Grandmama!)!

Drew & Lindsay's Rehearsal Dinner 
The Happy Couple: Drew & Lindsay! 
Jonathan's Youth from Atlanta (& Margie)

Posing with Sarah at the Rehearsal 
The second wedding was for my cousin, Rachel.  Peyton & I had our first road trip without Papa! I was a nervous wreck, but Peyton slept the entire drive to Auburn, AL. We squeezed in a hotel room with my parents & Anna.  Our families/cousins/aunts & uncles live miles away from one another, so most recently our weddings are a chance to catch up.  It was so much fun to show off Peyton & Carter (Nancy & Phil's son) to the family, laugh late at night, celebrate with Rachel, & eat yummy wedding cake! Many memories!!!
Nancy, Anna, Beautiful Bride: Rachel, & Me
Peyton & Carter 
Grandmama with her boys (She bought the outfits!)
Many more June events & blogs coming soon (I'm behind!) ....

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