Friday, June 20, 2014

FREE Summer FUN!

We have tried to soak up summer before today - D-Day…Jonathan's back surgery.  This has been a long time coming - MRIs in February saying that he had a herniated disk & would need surgery.  Jonathan wanted to wait until I was out of school, being that he can not lift or play with the boys.  We had it today - thank goodness we went through with it.  It was larger & harder than thought.  We appreciate ALL the prayers many of you said for him.  So…we have been busy leading up to today!!! 

We enjoyed several trips to parks - playing & picnics. FREE FUN! 

Jonathan & the boys at Victoria Bryant State Park 
We went the Canon Airport - sat in an airplane, talked with a mechanic & owner, & saw planes fly off.  FREE FUN!
HEAVEN for Peyton! 
Nolan in awe! 
We had Mega Sports Vacation Bible School at Royston Baptist!  I was so proud to see Peyton singing those church songs, earning his good behavior stars, & learning more about Jesus.  The theme & my 2nd graders that I 'sheperded'  were excellent.  We LOVED it.
Father's Day & Mega Sports VBS Sunday Celebration

Jonathan took Peyton to Home Depot to make a free craft - a lawn mower!  FREE FUN!
Peyton proud of his lawn mower! 
For my birthday, we went the Aquarium (you are FREE on your birthday)!  It was one of the best birthday's.  Jonathan surprised me & took me to my favorite Atlanta restaurant, Atlanta Fish Market, for lunch (a great time to go with two boys)!
Atlanta Aquarium on my birthday 
Nolan loved to put his hands in the water & try to touch stingrays

We are slowing down this week - taking care of Jonathan (& thanks to Nana for her help), completing summer home projects, & trying to get ahead on a few school things (all while the boys sleep).

I love free fun!  I love summer!   I am blessed to have three wonderful boys to share in the memories. I am thankful for smart doctors who took care of Jonathan today! Check out these wonderful attractions in Georgia & - THANK YOU for your prayers today & moving forward!

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  1. So fun!!! I especially like Peyton's lawn mower and Nolan checking out the stingrays. So thankful Jonathan's back is better!