Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebrating Freedom (& Summer)!

Happy late 4th of July!  I hope you & your family had a wonderful weekend!  We are trying to make it a family tradition to go to Kentucky for 4th of July! (We have gone for 2 years, but couldn't make the drive due to Nolan's arrival date.) We had a blast!  We got to spend quality time with my family - ran a 10K race, had a delicious cook-out, enjoyed time shopping, playing with ALL of our old toys (yes - Mom has a basement full of my sisters & my toys...the boys love it).  The only downside - We drove in a downpour to & from KY, ran a 10K in rain (this was my first race experience in the rain), & played inside the entire weekend!  We made memories in the midst of the bad, holiday weather weekend.
Running the Bluegrass 10K with two of my favorite runners - Anna & Codye 
Our group - Jonathan & Phil ran it much faster than us! 
Happy 4th from the Barlows! 
Anna, Me, Nancy - we didn't plan the stripes!
After our weekend in KY, Peyton stayed for Cousins' Camp! My mom & dad had this idea last year - to keep Carter & Peyton for a week.  So, we left Peyton in KY - the longest I had been away from him in 2 1/2 years!  I don't think he missed us much.  He was too busy riding trains, playing at a water park, playing on 3 different playgrounds, eating pancakes at McDonalds, etc.!  It was a busy, but memorable week for him! We ALL were excited to get him home.

Nolan missed Peyton in the car! 
A few cell phone pictures from Mom -
Train Ride! Peyton, Grandaddy, Grandmama, & Carter 
A morning walk to see the cows! 
I am LOVING every minute of summer break!!! I hope you are too!

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