Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cute Sayings, Boatman's visit, & Throw-Up...

Kids say the cutest things, don't they?  I try to write in a one-sentence journal on a daily basis, & want to remember this one -
Grandmama got Peyton a book, God Gave Us Easter, & we are reading it nightly (because he loves it!).  Peyton is learning about the true meaning of Easter.  Last night, I was singing "Jesus loves me"to Nolan & Peyton spoke up & said, "Jesus died."  I couldn't help but start laughing, & finally managed to respond to Peyton.
This past weekend, the stomach bug hit the Barlow home, along with the Boatman's visiting from Kentucky (yes - in the midst of sickness).  My poor husband - Jonathan cleaned up so much throw-up between Peyton & me.  His sermon topic was on humility, & he truly experienced it over the weekend!
We watched a lot of basketball & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Peyton & I managed to improve enough to take the boys to the park -

Nancy & Carter, Nolan, Peyton, & Me
Special memories even in the midst of sickness...

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