Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our new reality...

This week, I have had to adjust to my new reality of being a mama of two little boys.  Jonathan went back to work full-time.  My mom has returned to Kentucky.  All family (my in-laws & sisters) who have visited in the past two weeks have also returned to their lives.  It's only Tuesday (& now it is's taken 2 days to write a blog), & Jonathan & I are exhausted! :) But, my attitude - my little boys are BOTH HEALTHY, so I can handle anything!
Here are a few snapshots of the Barlow Bunch - 

Peyton holding Nolan for the first time (with Grandmama's help)
A few things I have had to let go -
1. Making sure the house is in tip-top shape before going to bed  (although my mother cleaned it from top to bottom so it's still super clean)
2. Caring what my boys wear when we are staying at home (now - going out is a different story)...please see picture below.  Peyton is in pj pants & a homemade t-shirt from Grandaddy.
3. Jonathan & I have agreed not to take anything personally from each other in the middle of the night.  (We aren't very nice to each other!)
4. Coffee is our new best friend!
5. If I can get one thing completed on my "to-do" list each day, I need to consider it a successful day! 

What is my child wearing??

Nolan on his way to the doctor
 It has been wonderful to not be in a doctor's office or hospital this week!!! I continue to have tears of joy over Nolan's news.  I will forever be grateful to you for your prayers & to our great God. Much love to you & your family!


  1. Love this update! I know we still aren't home from the hospital but I feel you on the to do list. In my small amount at home, if I get one thing done it's a successful day...and usually it's Liam's nicu laundry that has to be back the next day. :) Love you and am so excited to do motherhood with you!

  2. Just now reading this! I know you can consider every day a success by all the care you give all your boys!