Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Time

Peyton at Evan's Orchard in KY 
Jonathan, Peyton, I have spent a week on the road.  Jonathan's grandmother, Mimi, died early Monday morning.  We traveled to Mississippi to grieve & celebrate Mimi's life.  We had the opportunity to see most of Jonathan's family - breakfasts with Papa Rusty & Nana, playtime with Lele, & catch-up with Jonathan's cousins & old friends.  I loved getting to meet Jonathan's cousin, Brittany, who just recently moved from California to Alabama.  It was special to share a holy moment as a fairly new Barlow family member.
After the funeral, Peyton & I flew to Kentucky to see my family.  Mom & I both had fall break & enjoyed a long weekend together.  We ate my favorite home-cooked food, shopped for the baby boys, & enjoyed fried pies, fudge, & carmel apples at Evan's Orchard.  It was perfect weather & a wonderful break!

Grandmama Fraley & Peyton 

Anna, Susan & Peyton, Nancy & Carter

Peyton & Pilot 
Peyton & I had a LONG flight home.  There were mechanical problems on our first plane, delaying us 3 1/2 hours in Kentucky & then 2 1/2 hours in Chicago.  Therefore, Peyton met all the pilots, got to push many buttons, walked the airport, & survived many hours of travel!!! Thankfully, we finally made it home! What a traveler - Peyton drove through 3 states, flew through 4 states, & smiled the entire (almost...) time.
We are now anticipating the arrival of Jeremy, Beth, & Noah Sexton tomorrow!!!! YEAH!

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