Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fraley Family Madness!

The Madness is ON! Healthy competition between the Fraley girls & spouses has begun! March Basketball is our favorite time of year between the couples.  Phil is a die-hard Kansas fan (an alumni), Mark played for Pittsburgh, JB LOVES all sports (Ole Miss fan at heart...Go NIT!), & we love KY! Go Big Blue! (NO - I haven't become a Georgia fan...boo bulldogs)
JB, Phil, & Mark...before March Madness

For the past few years, Jonathan & I create a bracket & see who will win.  The winner gets a date of their choice.  Instead of just competing against one another, we have extended it to all Fraley sisters & spouses. I'm soooo excited!!!
Nancy organized a Fraley family group this year. We have entered our brackets & it's ON! Being that I'm the least knowledgeable of basketball...I am the least likely to win...but, sports center has been on in the background...
Peyton is ready to play!

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  1. I love Peyton in the G'town jersey! G'town won their first game today. They play again tomorrow at 5. I'm doing pretty good with my bracket, too! I LOVE basketball and am excited to watch it all weekend!

    Love to you all!