Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Came Early!

Did you hug your children a little more this weekend? Did you hang on to their smiles, laughs, & hugs a little longer? Did their versions on "I love you" feel your hearts with joy? I cannot imagine what the parents in Sandy Hook are experiencing this holiday season.  When I hear, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." I can't help but think this isn't the most wonderful time for these families.  All I know to do is pray...prayers for the families, prayers for our government in hopes that they make effective changes for our societies safety, prayers for our schools.
I hugged my boys longer, I tickled Peyton until he said, "Luv youuu,"& I was a little more worried when I left them for school Monday morning.  In the midst of the sadness for our country, we did celebrate Christmas with the Barlows (due to going to Kentucky).   We loved every minute of our time with Nana & Papa Rusty.  We opened gifts, played with the new toys, shopped for gifts we hadn't gotten for others, went to church, learned how to make gumbo, & just enjoyed being together.  Here are a few highlights -
Peyton waiting to open gifts! 
We are calling our tree this year our "Charlie Brown" tree - see all the extra long limbs.  We love it!

Our tree! 
Peyton LOVED playing with all of his new toys with Papa Rusty!

Papa Rusty playing with Peyton's new guitar! 
Nolan loved watching Mama & Peyton open all of his gifts.  He enjoyed being spoiled by his grandparents - lots of cuddling, kisses, & extra sleep time on Nana's tummy.
Nolan relaxed & sleepy during "Barlow Christmas" 
A few pictures after Sunday church -
This Christmas, I will cherish family time a little more, reminded that many have unexpectedly lost loved ones.  I will probably hug & kiss my boys a few more extra times.  Only 7 more days till Christmas...are you done with your shopping? (I'm not!)

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