Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Bums!

We just returned from our beach trip to visit the Barlows & Prices in Destin, FL.  We knew this beach trip would be different with Peyton, but wonderfully different. I'm the girl who is usually out at the beach by 9am & doesn't pack up until 6pm.  With Peyton, we had to be a little more flexible! Peyton loved the sand & loved the pool! We came home with good tans, felt rested from a busy spring, & made many memories.  I think the pictures can tell it better than I can - 

Peyton waiting for the plane! 
Exploring & Eating Sand!
Date Night!!!
Papa & Peyton! 
Peyton in the Pool!
Cousins: Laid-Back Hayes & Playful Peyton
Flying Home 
Thank you Papa Rusty, Nana, Uncle Seth, Aunt Amanda, & Hayes for making the week special! Back to reality & to a week of work....

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